MMIX by Kyle Fischer & Seb Leon

Kyle Fischer & Seb Leon recently collaborated with the Association for Cultural Equity, fashion label Sportmax, and various End Up musician to create MMIX (2009). MMIX is a multi-speaker sound piece mixing Alan Lomax’s field recordings with End Up’s music. See below, as interpreted by choreographers Andrea Miller an Jodi  Melnick.

Check it:
Check it 2:

Here are two of my favorite speakers from the show.

We will be releasing the “MMIX ­ – Opus 1” record shortly. Stay tuned!

Spatial (yes spatial) thanks to Andrew Vladeck, Caithlin De Marrais, Josh Kaufman and Konrad Meissner.

New Drawing Video for Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the oncoming day of sweet manufactured love, Balthrop, Alabama’s Toxey Goodwater has made a little video Valentine. Check it out on YouTube (and pass it around to your Valentines!):

I Look at You by Balthrop, Alabama, drawn by Toxey

And come see A Very Balthrop Valentine’s Day at Joe’s Pub, Sunday, Feb 14 at 7:00.

The End Up Brain Trust

Here’s a photo from the recent End Up Meeting — big plans for 2010!

What a fresh-faced crop of artists!

Ear to Ear Project — Caithlin De Marrais

Ear to Ear Project interview with Caithlin! Shout outs to Van Halen, The Smiths and the Cadbury Crunchie bar.

Check it out!

Kickstarter for Balthrop, Alabama


Georgiana Starlington here to tell you that Balthrop, Alabama is going on tour again and we need your help! We’re using this really cool website called Kickstarter to try and raise money to go on tour. We’re headed to Austin to be there during SXSW and we hope that you fans of Balthrop, Alabama will help us get there!

Check it out:

Even the smallest amount will help us get to Texas, so give what you can. Also, you get something for what you give so check out the pledge levels for details!

Thanks in advance for your donation and we hope to see you on the road!

♥ Georgiana

Fred & Daily news

HERE‘s a nice artcle about Fred & Daily!

iTunes, My Magic City? You Bettcha!

My Magic City is now available on


My Magic City - Front Cover

Fred & Daily’s “Jingle Bell Blitz” video!

Fred & Daily’s Mask Cemetery


It’s that time of year! The leaves are dead and falling, and since Halloween is the season of giving, Fred & Daily have decided to TREAT (or could it be a TRICK?) everyone with a rather special digital download…

“Mask Cemetery” is Fred & Daily’s spooky and thrilling new “Halloween concept EP”, all about masks and costumes and just how important (and FUN) it is to dress up on the night of October 31st!

So light those jack-o-lanterns, turn out all those lights and get ready for a creepy-crawly adventure you’ll never forget!!!


Download it HERE!

Balthrop, Alabama on the road

Balthrop, Alabama is on the road to the west coast and back, playing shows in 15 states all this month. Find out if they’re coming to your town on their upcoming shows page, or follow their every move by becoming a fan on their Facebook page!

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