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Caithlin De Marrais, Josh Kaufman, Owen & El May!

Last December the four of us went on a tour of the Eastern US. While during the tour we largely played separately. For one night we were a band in Boston.

To listen to us perform four songs at “The Flophouse Sessions” click here!


He’d Do It For You

On January 15, 2009, three-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Case underwent emergency open-heart surgery. The surgery was successful and he is now on a long program of recovery. Peter is not ill and is expected to make a full recovery … but the medical bills associated with this necessary surgery and recovery are and will continue to be very high. And, like all too many talented working artists, Peter does not have medical insurance.

Hidden Love Medical Relief is an effort by Peter’s friends, fans and fellow artists to help alleviate the burden of these mounting medical bills so that Peter can recover, get back and focus on what he does best – writing and performing his songs.

Check out Peter’s story and lend a hand

This is Peter Case

This is Peter Case

Subway Songs & Cowboy Songs: Now Available!

The two new compananion records from Balthrop, Alabama
are now available– get yours now!

Jaynova reviews Cowboy Songs

Here’s the follow-up review to Subway Songs’ companion record Cowboy Songs as promised by Jaynova:

Read it here!


Jaynova reviews Subway Songs

A very thorough, song-by-song review of Balthrop, Alabama’s upcoming Subway Songs by friend of the band Jaynova. He promises a review of the companion album, Cowboy Songs, to follow shortly.

Check it out!

Seb Leon & Kyle Fischer cover Outer Space Is Still Sexy!

Seb Leon & Kyle Fischer do a phenomenal cover of Caithlin’s song, “Outer Space is Still Sexy”! You know it is.

Subways Songs & Cowboy Songs by Balthrop, Alabama

Out March 10th!

We’re really excited about these records. We’ve been workin’ super hard on ’em for a while now and we’re just so happy to finally be able to let other people hear ’em! Now isn’t that just great news?!

Check em out and buy them here on March 10th! We hope you like ’em!

Giddy up!

Love you!

♥ Georgiana!

New Fred & Daily video: My Special Someone!!!

Fred & Daily’s 3rd video from their whacked out album “The Hypocrite Ballet” on End Up Records

Someone special is making her debut at Bottletree karaoke nite … Those watching will never be the same!


Dama Nichols, Keith Goodwin, Chris Lawson, Brianna Payne, Tina Pilgrim, Brian Teasley, Tom Bagby, Peter Wilm and Paul Wilm

filmed at Bottletree, Birmingham AL

Caithlin De Marrais Live Video in the Secret Garden!

Check out Caithlin and friends performing three songs live in the magnificent setting of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for the “Secret Garden Series” on Hooves On the Turf! St. Paul’s is where Caithlin recorded several songs for My Magic City.

Performing with Caithlin are Josh Kaufman, Kyle Fischer and Seb Leon. Songs include “The Fire”, “Carefully”, and a very special duet with Seb Leon on “Outer Space Is Still Sexy”.

Want more? Click here!

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