A Very Balthrop Christmas now for sale!

A collection of twelve brand new holiday classics from the bubbling folk-rock collective Balthrop, Alabama. All proceeds benefit End Up Records in its efforts to make music easier and more fun to make. It’s some kinda feel good doo wah diddy all the way around.

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Polaroids from Christmas Practice

On Tuesday, we had our penultimate practice for the Very Balthrop Christmas show. Being as it was my birthday and all, town shutterbug Silas Newbern was on hand to snap a few polaroids. Look at em. Feel the magic? I do.

Balthrop, Alabama in the New Yorker again!

Balthrop, Alabama was featured in the New Yorker online this week.

Check it out »

The write-up talks about the Holiday show happening this Friday at Joe’s Pub and features a song by our banjo-pluckin friend Andrew Vladeck, known in Balthrop, Alabama as Cotton Tyler Guin.

Also, the holiday album, A Very Balthrop Christmas, will be on sale this Saturday, December 13th!


Yer the best. No. You are.

The Boston Globe interviews Caithlin De Marrais!

Visit The Boston Globe online to read a very nice interview with Caithlin about touring her new record, the making of My Magic City, and multitasking in the van…

Catch Caithlin on tour with Owen and El May in Boston this Tuesday, December 2nd at Middle East Upstairs!

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A Very Balthrop Christmas Session

The gang gathered over at Saltlands studio yesterday to record all the new Christmas classics for the Very Balthrop Christmas show. We recorded an entire album in a day. Stay tuned for details about how to get yerselves a copy. And be sure to get your tickets for A Very Balthrop Christmas at Joe’s Pub, Friday December 12 at 11:30!!!

A Very Balthrop Christmas

It’s the holiday season again; seems like it happens every year about this time. Big whoop and a bah humbug to you and yours. But no, wait — this year, the town of Balthrop, Alabama is looking to shake a little dust off the plastic Christmas tree and put a pucker back below the mistletoe. Nearly everyone in the village has written a brand new song and we’ve asked a few of our neighbors to try their hand at creating a holiday humdinger too. Luckily Balthrop, Alabama is a right talented small town, located in a corner of Christmas Carroll Gardens. The night promises to be an evening of seasonal surprises with special guests and new classics, all of it accompanied live on the big screen by town drawer, Toxey Goodwater (nee Michael Arthur). It’s a holiday Chalk Talk for the 21st Century, great tunes and a live drawing display that, when combined, will dazzle and amaze!

Joe’s Pub – Manhattan
Friday, December 12th -11:30PM
425 Lafayette Street – Map
Get yer tickets!

Balthrop, Alabama at Galapagos Art Space

Here are some nice pics from Balthrop, Alabama’s show at Galapagos Art Space last Thursday, November 13th.

All photos by Bernie DeChant.

New! Fred & Daily video: Bubblefuckin’

A tale of misogyny and revenge. Zombie revenge. The best kind!

Online Store Now Actually Online

The big news: our online store is now open for business at http://endup.org/store/

Our resident web gremlin has been toiling away for several gremlin lifetimes. The result is an eyeball smorgasbord! So please, come and feast your eyes for free. While you’re there, check out the whippy-dippy shopping cart, complete with imaginary sound effects. It’s totally alchemical! You can use it to convert images on the screen into music for your ears. Fill er up!

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New Releases – Tuesday, October 28th

Three new records available Tuesday, October 28th!

Caithlin De Marrais — My Magic City

Caithlin De Marrais is releasing her impossibly intimate, beautiful love letter to your very heart– her first full-length album My Magic City. Recorded in a cottage, an apartment, and a fire-ravaged church in Brooklyn, it was produced together by Rainer Maria’s Kyle Fischer and Rocketship Park’s Josh Kaufman, and mixed to perfection by Dave Schiffman (Johnny Cash, Mars Volta, etc). Eleven magic songs.

Fred & Daily — The Hypocrite Ballet

Our favorite costumed supergroup Fred & Daily are letting loose their shredtastic, uproarious, and imminently danceable full-length album Hypocrite Ballet upon the world. Containing hardly a half-second of silence, it perfectly fills that aching gap in between the Talking Heads and Hedwig. Physicists are still struggling to explain where it comes from–we’re not telling.

Ne’er Do Evers — 100% Wrong

Ne’er Do Evers‘ hyperbolic, brilliantly self-aware magnum opus, 100% Wrong, will also be available for public consumption. Equal parts Dinosaur, Frank Black, scuff marks, coffee and a beer, this record plays like a 30-minute Zen koan at 120db, refuting all logic. We wish it was a double-album, so we use the “repeat all” function in our media players. We suggest you do the same.

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