And now here they are . . .

“a loose-knit Sweater-Vest of obsessive-compulsive ethno-musicological Muck-Raking . . .

“a warm, attentive Music-Therapy Super-Model . . .

“a life-affirming Collection of Introspective Extroverts, star-gazing Astronomers, and navel-gazing Building Site Inspectors . . .

“the Sunshine’s Publicists . . .

“an overflowing Harmonic Petri Dish . . . Testbed for the Circumspect-acular . . . and Headrest for the Pro-guessive [sic] Movement

“Fanatical Hyphen-ators . . .

END UP DOT ORG, y’all!”

MyMixTapes reviews Your Big Plans & Our Little Town

“…a well thought-out record, dark on the inside and coated with an indie, yet friendly pop-sensibility.”

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Love and Death Party Drawings

Some drawings from the Love and Death party by Michael Arthur.

Love and Death Party Photos

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and the release of Caithlin’s new single and everything else that’s going on with End Up, we threw a little workshop party at the top secret location known to some as Castle Anthrax. Here’s some pics by resident shutterbug Bernie DeChant.

Drawings from the St. Paul’s recording sessions

A handful of drawings by our dear friend Michael Arthur who sat in during the recording sessions at St. Paul’s Church in Brooklyn.

CMJ reviews The Fire

“…the perfect song to cap off that Valentine’s mix tape…”

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St. Paul’s recording sessions

A few photos taken during Caithlin’s recording sessions at St. Paul’s Church in Brooklyn. All photos by Bernie DeChant.

End Up words

collective loose-knit circular aggregate think tank laboratory experimental testbed relationship friendly seat-of-the-pants introspective extroverted colorful supportive artist-obsessive good listening attentive focused freeform repository thought-provoking cooperative self-selecting progressive spiritual fun-loving long-walking participatory party-making paper cutting holistic granular interchangeable idealistic well-grounded skycraper garden shed silkscreen sticky tape

What is End Up?

End Up – Was ist das?

End Up is a musical hypothesis we hope to prove true after a few social experiments. And then a few more.

We live in New York City, where large numbers of people work in concert to make good things happen. We take part. We ride public transportation. We play in bands and sing in harmony. We like our record stores and our World Wide Web. We say hi to our neighbors. We heart cooperation, so we neither resist nor defend corporate means of music distribution.

Yes, our mission is to explore with enthusiasm and affirmation the greatest number of models for music production and distribution. We’re coming up with new ideas about where and how beauty might reveal itself in music, through the coordinated efforts of artists and their co-conspirators. We hope you all will pick up on them.

If music-making is a birthing process, then we’re an informal network of doulas.

If … then …? What say you?

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