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Balthrop, Alabama at SXSW

Check it out, Balthrop, Alabama is headed out on the road for SXSW. See them multiple times!

Freekradio plays End Up Records artists

Listen to Freekradio. Freekradio is indie rock, hip-hop, dance, folk & blues, served with a smile from the Mo-Freek HQ in Austin, Texas, featuring End Up artists–Chris McFarland, Andrew Vladeck, Caithlin De Marrais and Balthrop, Alabama.

See if you can catch Oscar, age 1, making his debut in the “Can you say duck?” Freekradio bumper!

Kickstarter for Balthrop, Alabama


Georgiana Starlington here to tell you that Balthrop, Alabama is going on tour again and we need your help! We’re using this really cool website called Kickstarter to try and raise money to go on tour. We’re headed to Austin to be there during SXSW and we hope that you fans of Balthrop, Alabama will help us get there!

Check it out:

Even the smallest amount will help us get to Texas, so give what you can. Also, you get something for what you give so check out the pledge levels for details!

Thanks in advance for your donation and we hope to see you on the road!

♥ Georgiana

Fred & Daily news

HERE‘s a nice artcle about Fred & Daily!

iTunes, My Magic City? You Bettcha!

My Magic City is now available on


My Magic City - Front Cover

Fred & Daily’s “Jingle Bell Blitz” video!

Fred & Daily’s Mask Cemetery


It’s that time of year! The leaves are dead and falling, and since Halloween is the season of giving, Fred & Daily have decided to TREAT (or could it be a TRICK?) everyone with a rather special digital download…

“Mask Cemetery” is Fred & Daily’s spooky and thrilling new “Halloween concept EP”, all about masks and costumes and just how important (and FUN) it is to dress up on the night of October 31st!

So light those jack-o-lanterns, turn out all those lights and get ready for a creepy-crawly adventure you’ll never forget!!!


Download it HERE!

End Up Records Presents!!


Caithlin De Marrais, Josh Kaufman, Owen & El May!

Last December the four of us went on a tour of the Eastern US. While during the tour we largely played separately. For one night we were a band in Boston.

To listen to us perform four songs at “The Flophouse Sessions” click here!


He’d Do It For You

On January 15, 2009, three-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Case underwent emergency open-heart surgery. The surgery was successful and he is now on a long program of recovery. Peter is not ill and is expected to make a full recovery … but the medical bills associated with this necessary surgery and recovery are and will continue to be very high. And, like all too many talented working artists, Peter does not have medical insurance.

Hidden Love Medical Relief is an effort by Peter’s friends, fans and fellow artists to help alleviate the burden of these mounting medical bills so that Peter can recover, get back and focus on what he does best – writing and performing his songs.

Check out Peter’s story and lend a hand

This is Peter Case

This is Peter Case

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