New Releases – Tuesday, October 28th

Three new records available Tuesday, October 28th!

Caithlin De Marrais — My Magic City

Caithlin De Marrais is releasing her impossibly intimate, beautiful love letter to your very heart– her first full-length album My Magic City. Recorded in a cottage, an apartment, and a fire-ravaged church in Brooklyn, it was produced together by Rainer Maria’s Kyle Fischer and Rocketship Park’s Josh Kaufman, and mixed to perfection by Dave Schiffman (Johnny Cash, Mars Volta, etc). Eleven magic songs.

Fred & Daily — The Hypocrite Ballet

Our favorite costumed supergroup Fred & Daily are letting loose their shredtastic, uproarious, and imminently danceable full-length album Hypocrite Ballet upon the world. Containing hardly a half-second of silence, it perfectly fills that aching gap in between the Talking Heads and Hedwig. Physicists are still struggling to explain where it comes from–we’re not telling.

Ne’er Do Evers — 100% Wrong

Ne’er Do Evers‘ hyperbolic, brilliantly self-aware magnum opus, 100% Wrong, will also be available for public consumption. Equal parts Dinosaur, Frank Black, scuff marks, coffee and a beer, this record plays like a 30-minute Zen koan at 120db, refuting all logic. We wish it was a double-album, so we use the “repeat all” function in our media players. We suggest you do the same.

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