End Up Resources

This page is for End Up staff and End Up artists. But you’re welcome to read it if you want.


End Up stationery is in Pages format. Pages is part of Apple’s iWork suite.

Download End Up stationery

Mailing Labels

These End Up mailing labels should be printed on Avery Label #8163.

Download End Up mailing labels [PDF]

Logo Usage

This document covers basic usage of the End Up logo on packaging and elsewhere.

Download the End Up logo usage guidelines [PDF]

You can download the End Up logo [in Photoshop and Illustrator formats].

Preparing album art for the website

Album art on the End Up site should match the following specs:

  • 72dpi
  • at least 600×600 pixels
  • no more than 800×800 pixels
  • high-quality jpeg (keep the file size under 200k)

Preparing MP3s for the End Up Store

Before posting on the End Up store, all digital albums must be properly tagged with track info and album artwork. Follow these steps:

  1. Rip your album using iTunes. Before ripping, set iTunes to encode in Apple Lossless format. If you have already ripped your album at a lower bit rate or in a different format, rename the existing album (or just delete it) and re-rip in Apple Lossless format.
  2. Tag your album with all relevant metadata. Specifically:
    • Track Name
    • Artist
    • Album Name
    • Year
    • Track 1 of 10, Track 2 of 10, etc.
    • Genre
    • Comments field should read “End Up Records – endup.org”. Feel free to put any other info about your album (recording location, production credits, etc.) in the comments field.

    You can apply most of those tags to the whole album by selecting all your tracks and choosing File > Get Info.

  3. Apply album artwork to all tracks.
    • Select all tracks and drag a jpeg to the iTunes artwork panel in the bottom left corner of the window.
    • MP3s can have multiple pieces of artwork. For example, if you want to add artwork for your back cover, drag it in after dragging in the front cover art.
    • Artwork should match the specs in the “Preparing album art for the website” section above.
  4. Zip up the album. If you’re on a PC, maybe you know how to make a zip. If you’re on a Mac, do the following:
    • Control-click or right-click on one of your tracks in iTunes and choose “Show in Finder”. That will reveal your audio tracks in the Finder.
    • Control-click or right-click on the album folder in the Finder and choose “Compress Album Name”. (This might read “Create Archive” in some versions of Mac OS X.)
    • Rename the resulting zip file as “artistname-albumname.zip”. That is, make it all lowercase and remove all spaces and punctuation.
    • Email it to you-know-who, or ping me on iChat and pass it to me there.

Preparing MP3s for the Web Playlist

Send your album as Apple Lossless format (using the instructions above) and you-know-who will create lower-bitrate versions for the web playlist.

End Up SKU Numbers

Item Num Artist Title Release Date
endup-001 Balthrop, Alabama Your Big Plans & Our Little Town 2007-06-26
endup-002 Caithlin De Marrais The Fire web single 2008-02-14
endup-003 Balthrop, Alabama God Loves My Country web single 2008-03-20
endup-004 Tom Ward Lang-Su 2008-04-04
endup-005 Kyle Fischer Black Milk 2008-05-06
endup-006 Caithlin De Marrais The Cottage EP 2008-06-03
endup-007 Balthrop, Alabama God Loves My Country EP 2008-06-10
endup-008 Fred & Daily The Hypocrite Ballet 2008-10-28
endup-009 Andrew Vladeck The Magnet EP
endup-010 Caithlin De Marrais My Magic City 2008-10-28
endup-011 Ne’er Do Evers 100% Wrong 2008-10-28
endup-012 Balthrop, Alabama Small Town T-Shirt
endup-013 Balthrop, Alabama Small Town Tote
endup-014 Balthrop, Alabama Baby Buttons Set A
endup-015 Seb Leon Cranes of Glitter 2008-01-20
endup-018 Balthrop, Alabama A Very Balthrop Christmas 2008-12-12
endup-016 Balthrop, Alabama Subway Songs 2009-03-10
endup-017 Balthrop, Alabama Cowboy Songs 2009-03-10
endup-019 Andrew Vladeck The Wheel 2009-05-05
endup-020 Chris McFarland The Unraveling 2009-04-23
endup-021 Andrew Vladeck 7/8/9 2009-10-06
endup-022 Fred & Daily Mask Cemetery 2009-10-20
endup-023 Fred & Daily Hairy Crimmah on Ice! 2009-11-17
endup-024 Kyle Fischer & Seb Leon MMIX – Opus 1
endup-025 Caithlin De Marrais & Seb Leon Seb & Cait – Live at Joe’s
endup-026 Chris Buckridge EP
endup-027 Chris Buckridge Excessive Compulsive
endup-028 It Sound Hard Pop for Blue Trees 2010-10-26
endup-029 End Up Records Each Others’ Songs
endup-030 Andrew Vladeck Passing Knowledge and Other Songs
endup-031 Psychic Tuesday Burst Apart Single
endup-032 Psychic Tuesday Eternal Ice Cream
endup-033 Caithlin De Marrais Red Coats 2011-09-??
endup-034 It Sound
endup-035 Balthrop, Alabama We Have Electricity 2012-04-10
endup-036 Chris McFarland Beauty and Undertow 2012-08-21

Let Pascal know if you need to add a new item to this list.

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