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Dedicated to my father.

Produced and engineered by Kyle Fischer
Mixed by Dave Schiffman
Mastered by Gene Paul


Andrew Vladeck // Banjo, Guitar, Uke, AutoHarp, Harmonica
Bill Malchow // Accordian 10, Organ 1,3,5,7,11
Brad Gunyon //Drums 1,5,7,10,11
Caithlin De Marrais // Bass 4, Organ 12
Chris Buckridge // Bass 5,8
Henry Byron // Drums 8
Kyle Fischer // Various instrumentation
Lara Meyerratken // Vox 3,10; Drums 12


Cover photo by Lisa Kramer
Back & Inside photos by Andrew

Very special thanks:

Kyle Fischer, Ethan Gold, Michael Vladeck, Sean Hoess

The Wheel

The new LP from

Andrew Vladeck

The Wheel demonstrates the resilience of the spirit in the face of adversity. Andrew’s sparkling, sharp-edged approach makes deftly smart work of things, setting often dark and hilariously ironic words over sparse and tasteful instrumentation.

A former NYC Urban Park Ranger, Andrew was fascinated by the interplay of nature with Gotham, and the edges where the two meet. Andrew is similarly inclined towards music, striving to blend his affection for the ante-bellum with the contemporary, to fuse the modern with the historical. The result is folk and indie rock reconfigured — a “new wave” of folk that is distinctly American sounding. “The Wheel,” recorded by Kyle Fischer (formerly of the band Rainer Maria) and mixed by Dave Schiffman (Johnny Cash, Mars Volta), captures this vision, with the 21st century in mind.

In the rollicking title track, “The Wheel,” Andrew openly admits, “the wheel came full circle and it ran me over.” In “The Songs You Inspire,” he bluntly offers, “I’m not a gambling man but I’ve made a running bet, the songs you don’t deserve you don’t deserve… yet.” “Chinatown” starts with a haunting slide-banjo and becomes marvelously intricate, even psychedelic, as Andrew stares at a horizon wondering, “How can the sun rise and set at the same time?” “Andrew Vladeck packs a lot of words into a phrase in an almost hip-hop vein, with more than a little nod of the head to Dylan (specifically the fun, freewheeling, early Dylan),” writes Lucid Culture of the EP. “Uncompromising as this album may be, it’s a very accessible CD, a stealthy victory for smart songwriting.”

About Andrew Vladeck

When one thinks of a banjo, a Fender Twin amplifier and effects pedals don’t come to mind. But in a quest to push his old-time instruments (and himself) out of the folky comfort zone, Andrew Vladeck has spent the last few years hotwiring everything from ukuleles to banjos to his collection of acoustic guitars, in the process ending up with a unique sound and a lot more of it. Most importantly, he combines all of this with great songwriting (1st Place in Intíl Songwriting Competition). A native New Yorker, Andrew has earned his stripes in the alt-folk scene in NYC, winning plaudits for his playing and writing. He is also a founding member of the new wave folk band, The Honey Brothers, and a regular contributor to the epic folk collective, Balthrop, Alabama. (more info)

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