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All proceeds go to benefit End Up Records, a not-for-profit
music collective based in Brooklyn with the goal of making
music easier and more fun to make.

— credits —

Produced by Michael Arthur and Dawn Landes
Recorded at Saltlands by Dawn Landes and Jim Smith
Additional recording at Castle Anthrax by Pascal Balthrop
Mixed by Dawn, Pascal, and Michael
Mastered by Kyle Fischer and Pascal
Thanks to Aaron Rutledge for all your help
Cover art by Michael and Pascal
Released December 10, 2008

A Very Balthrop Christmas

a collection of brand new holiday classics
with your friends and neighbors from

Balthrop, Alabama

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About the Album

The brainchild of town drawer Toxey Goodwater, A Very Balthrop Christmas has been a series of minor epiphanies and small miracles. Pretty much everyone in town wrote a brand new holiday song for the effort, and some of our friends and neighbors joined in as well. After a few rehearsals, we piled into Saltlands Studio one Sunday in November and put nine of the tracks to tape in one long furious session. Also featuring a few more tracks recorded in various bedrooms around town, the album is a seasonal delight from start to finish— twelve brand new holiday classics that just might knock that Billy Idol Christmas Album off your playlist.

Album Artwork

Toxey drawed up a special drawing for each song on the album. Well one of em is a polaroid. But it was his idea.

About Balthrop, Alabama

In 2006, Alabama-born songwriter-siblings Pascal and Lauren Balthrop moved to New York City to start a band and ended up founding a town. “Balthrop, Alabama” (population 11 or so) is their bustling folk rock township.

Musically, the band straddles the fine line between antebellum and antifolk, reconstructing indie pop with songs of love, dead people, and dead people in love. In 2007, they released their double-album debut, “Your Big Plans and Our Little Town,” on the nascent End Up label, to be followed up by a series of EPs, of which “God Loves My Country” is the first.

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