four songs of rebellion,
precipitation, and necrophilia

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— credits —

Recorded at Castle Anthrax by Elmore Billingsley
Additional recording by Grant Fyffe and Jemison Thorsby
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Elmore, Grant, and Jemison
Thanks to Theodore Dawes for the air siren
Thanks to Brewton Repton for his help on Rainy Parade
Thanks to Cat Glennon at Booklyn for her tremendous help
Insert drawn by Toxey Goodwater
Cover art by Jemison

— cast, in order of appearance —

Jemison Thorsby — guitar, vocals
Georgiana Starlington — toy horn, backing vocals
Elmore Billingsley — drums, percussion, vibraphone, trumpet, miscellany
Babbie Jackson — bass
Luverne Dozier — accordion, backing vocals
Florence Leighton — backing vocals
Douglas Snead — alto saxophone, backing vocals
Benton Whitehall — tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, backing vocals
Grant Fyffe — lap steel
Clanton “Lake” Mitchell — electric guitar, more drums
Titus Falkner — still more drums

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About the EP

“God Loves My Country” is Balthrop, Alabama’s sardonic response to the hyper-religious nationalism that seems to fuel the ongoing conflict here at home and around the world. The song asks the question, “Does God bless America? Does God choose sides?” You’ll have to answer that question for yourself.

Accompanying the title track on the God Loves My Country EP are three new songs: World of Snow, an homage to winter in the form of a conversation between a dog and his sitter; Rainy Parade, a brief but driving exploration of irony and non-irony, or something; and Grave, a song about eternal love, and necrophilia.

The sleeves for the EP were letterpressed by hand by members of the band on 100% recycled cardstock, with help from Cat Glennon and all the kind folks at Booklyn, a local book arts collective. The EP is also accompanied by an insert featuring four drawings by town drawer Toxey Goodwater, née Michael Arthur. Each copy of the EP is hand-numbered, part of a limited edition of only 250 pressed copies.

About Balthrop, Alabama

In 2006, Alabama-born songwriter-siblings Pascal and Lauren Balthrop moved to Brooklyn to start a band and ended up founding a town. Balthrop, Alabama, with a population of 11 or so, is their bustling folk rock township.

Musically, the band travels the line between antebellum and antifolk, singing songs of love, dead people, and dead people in love. In 2007, they released their double-album debut, “Your Big Plans and Our Little Town,” on End Up Records, their friendly neighborhood record label.

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