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Band Bio

In 2006, Alabama-born songwriter-siblings Pascal and Lauren Balthrop moved to Brooklyn to start a band and ended up founding a town. Balthrop, Alabama, with a population of 11 or so, is their bustling folk rock township.

Musically, the band travels the line between antebellum and antifolk, singing songs of love, dead people, and dead people in love. In 2007, they released their double-album debut, “Your Big Plans and Our Little Town,” on End Up Records, their friendly neighborhood record label.

Press Photos

Mural – Photo by Allison Michael Orenstein
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Cast and Crew

Jemison Thorsby – Pascal Balthrop – guitar, vocals
Georgiana Starlington – Lauren Balthrop – keyboards, vocals
Douglas Snead – Chris Buckridge – bass, alto saxophone
Aurora Rockledge – Alex Suarez – baritone saxophone
Luverne Dozier – Therese Cox – accordion, vocals
Titus Falkner – Jason Lawrence – drums
Cotton Tyler Guin – Andrew Vladeck – banjo
Ansley Henderson – Mike Quoma – electric guitar
Magnolia Dixon Mills – Patricia Chamless – viola
Daphne Summerdale – Jennifer Harder – trumpet
Toxey Goodwater – Michael Arthur – ink & paper

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Downloadable Songs

Electricity [ 8mb MP3 ]

Love to Love You [ 3.1mb MP3 ]

Explode [ 3mb MP3 ]

Downloadable review copies of all our records are available to music press and music bloggers.
Please contact us for more information.

Music Videos

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Press Quotes

“An impressive début double album…and their approach to performing is equally inventive…” —The New Yorker

“Elaborate shows which feature the 10 or so members dressed as the aw-shucks residents of a fictional Southern town…breezy, melody-driven pop” —Village Voice

“What great fun in the form of a band called Balthrop, Alabama!” Rainn Wilson (of The Office)

“I love them!!!” Sarah Silverman

“Sweetly crooned loved songs inspired by apocalypse — a last kiss before the big bang…” —Memphis Flyer

“Always melody conscious, with a solid stash of hooks… enough people to fill a school board.”

“Eclectic — with songs of love, loss, and escape…great use of shared male/female vox…” —My Mix Tapes

“Like a raucous ad-hoc town meeting where everyone brings an instrument to play…” —Future Montgomery

“I’ve heard of the ‘concept album’, but this appears to be a ‘concept band’…”
—Take Five, Asheville

“…like the touring company of ‘Barack Obama’s Rent’…”
—Black & White, Birmingham


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