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Praise for Red Coats:

“Ms. De Marrais, the former lead singer of the breezy indie-rockers Rainer Maria, offers sparse, elegiac pop in solo repose.” —The New York Times

“Caithlin De Marrais, formerly of Rainer Maria, celebrates the release of her latest solo album, “Red Coats,” a beguiling collection of fuzzy-hearted songs good for any time of the night, and anything that may need to be done then, from comforting a baby to making one.” —The New Yorker

“The former Rainer Maria frontwoman has a new solo album coming next month, Red Coats, and it reduces her old band’s emo-rock blare to a quieter roar, surrounding De Marrais’ uncommonly expressive singing with tense little clicks and buzzes, slyly destabilizing where Rainer Maria once aimed to knock off socks.” —The Village Voice

“A crawl of brittle guitar on ‘Birds,’ a shivering synth on ‘City Girl,’ De Marrais’ shyly pretty voice — are given a chance to gleam, as they cluster shyly around her more forceful, composed bass lines.” —SPIN

“Effortlessly stylish indie crooner” —Time Out NY

Birds video

Also available

My Magic City

“This is her magic moment.” —The Boston Globe
“Like a soft slap to the face.” —Pitchfork
“Littered with humor and yearning for love, My Magic City is an adorable record who’s charms are simple and plenty.” —First Coast News
“Nostalgic, charming solo debut.” —The Village Voice

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My Magic City - Front Cover


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