“The former Rainer Maria frontwoman has a new solo album coming next month, Red Coats, and it reduces her old band’s emo-rock blare to a quieter roar, surrounding de Marrais’ uncommonly expressive singing with tense little clicks and buzzes, slyly destabilizing where Rainer Maria once aimed to knock off socks.” —The Village Voice


“an excellent addition to the catalog of De Marrais and her wondrous voice and lyricism.” —The Culture of Me


“Damn hum-able.” —Scene Point Blank

“Littered with humor and yearning for love, My Magic City is an adorable record who’s charms are simple and plenty.” —First Coast News

“One of the most expressive, powerful voices you’ll find.” —The Daily News

“Luminous. Lovely. Lush.” —Quick Crit Music

“Like a soft slap to the face.” 6.8 —Pitchfork

“The best record of the year that no one has heard of.” Best of 2008 —Heartache with Hard Work

“My Magic City is an album that glistens with its own wintery beauty…for 3:25 mins My Magic City becomes transcendent with ‘The Fire’ which may be one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard this year.” —Amplified To Rock

“De Marrais’s voice never sounded better, and her lyrics are still top notch…It’s already hard to choose a favorite track from this record, but currently it’s “Play Fair”.” —A Power of Facing

Best of 2008 —It Hardly Matters

“Cannot believe that the singer/bassist for one of the best Midwest emo threesomes that we’ve ever had the opportunity to see/hear/experience is knocked up…Excellent.” —The Culture of Me

“This is her magic moment.” —The Boston Globe

“This is a wonderfully greycast autumn album: glistening, pensive, apprehensive, tersely and evocatively detailed…it’s awfully nice to see her reach for new heights here and grab them with an understated grace.” —Lucid Culture

“Sparse, haunting…that raw emotion that attracted me to Rainer Maria in the first place remains, and I can’t help but love this album.” —Ca Va Cool

“That warmth and affection is apparent from start to finish. Best of all, Caithlin’s beautiful and instantly recognizable voice is in top shape and brings back many memories of just what made Rainer Maria the seminal band they were.” —Fuzzy Lion

“A departure from Rainer Maria’s distorted fuzzy melodies, the record features acoustic instruments and optimistic, softly sung love songs.” —Flavorpill

“Nostalgic, charming solo debut.” —The Village Voice

“(The Fire) is the perfect song to cap off that Valentine’s mix tape…” —CMJ

“(The Fire) is a beautifully sparse piano-driven piece…” —Subinev

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