Chris Buckridge: Everything except drums on 1 and 4
Brian Kantor: Drums on 1 and 4

Recorded by Chris Buckridge at Flood Studios,
mixed at BARBADOS, both in Brooklyn.
“Dont Get Twee On Me, Babe” also appears on
Excessive Compulsive by Chris Buckridge.

Books and Gifts EP

A free item to accompany the release
of Excessive Compulsive by

Chris Buckridge

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About the EP

Chris Buckridge of Balthrop, Alabama and Ne’er Do Evers is releasing a new record soon, and would like to give you a present: a free EP with a song from the new record, two punk covers not on the record, and an earlier, alternate (and more lo-fi) version of a song also on the record.

Enjoy, and get ready for Excessive Compulsive!

“Chris Buckridge is Brooklyn’s best-kept musical secret. Dreamy pop, spikey rock, demented glee…he does it all–often in the same song. Some say he’s Frank Black’s long-lost kid brother; I say Mr. Black better watch his back.”
—Andrew Hultkrans
Author, “Forever Changes” (33 1/3 series)

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