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About Each Others’ Songs

Nine members of the End Up roster threw their names into a proverbial hat, and then they each drew another artist’s name. Each one then recorded a cover of a song by chosen artist. Then we put all those songs on a record. You’re about to buy that record for a dollar. Or more if you want!

I’ll Buy That For a Dollar!

All proceeds from the sale of the record will go toward supporting End Up Records so we can keep doing fun stuff like this.

In addition, we added another layer of abstraction, with each artist creating a video for someone else’s cover of someone else’s song. Here’s the whole tracklist:

Song Title Written by Covered by Video by
1. Angle of the Sun Tom Ward Andrew Vladeck Chris McFarland
2. The Fire Caithlin De Marrais Tom Ward Kyle Fischer (forthcoming)
3. Blanket Balthrop, Alabama Caithlin De Marrais Andrew Vladeck
4. Backwards Seb Leon Balthrop, Alabama Fred & Daily
5. Chinatown Andrew Vladeck Seb Leon Ne’er Do Evers
6. Twang Chris McFarland Ne’er Do Evers Caithlin De Marrais
7. Older Now Fred & Daily Chris McFarland Balthrop, Alabama
8. I Came Home Kyle Fischer Fred & Daily Seb Leon (forthcoming)
9. Half-Past Six/Upside’s Down Ne’er Do Evers Kyle Fischer Tom Ward

You can watch all the videos right here:

Like the videos? Buy the album— It’s only a buck!

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