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Hairy Crimmah on Ice!

a Christmas present from

Fred & Daily

Hairy Crimmah everybody!

You never know what to expect when good ole Fred & Daily show up on your doorstep with a bundle of presents! Insanity, anyone?!

Hairy Crimmah On Ice! is a holiday theme park for the ears! It’s definitely the most hilariously twisted sleigh ride through Winter Wonderland you’ll ever take, meeting a candy-striped cast of characters along the way who are guaranteed to tickle, entertain, and maybe even frighten you!

So pour yourself a tall glass of eggnog, turn on all those pretty lights, and get ready for one yuletide you’ll never forget!!!

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About Fred & Daily

Identical twins Peter and Paul Wilm were never truly social children. At family gatherings, reunions, and funerals, one would more than likely find them under a table somewhere, pointing and whispering funny things and imitating the people around them.

At home they spent nearly every waking hour dressed up in disguises, making their own “radio stations” and “hit songs” on countless audio cassettes. When their family members would chance upon them in these disguises, the twins would tell them that they were in fact “Fred and Daily,” and that they had no idea who these Peter and Paul characters were.

The songs on Fred & Daily’s debut album are essentially audio costumes. Each one is dressed up in such a uniquely strange and ridiculously entertaining fashion that sometimes you think you can guess who’s hiding underneath, but when you get a good look at the eyes, you find that you’re only looking at another mask!

Using the underground 80’s soundtrack of their youth as a wardrobe — borrowing from Yello, Cabaret Voltaire, Devo, The Residents, and Tom Waits, to name a few — along with their shared love of Saturday morning cartoons and Halloween, Fred & Daily’s “sound costumes” amuse, shock, frighten and oftentimes astound the listener.

Enter at your own risk and leave all traces of self at the door.

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