Air Tosses

It Sound

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“[It Sound is like] angry new wave punk without all the anger.”

Air Tosses is the brand new EP by It Sound.

It Sound makes music without any discipline, practice, or repetition. Just flurry, fingers, and fervor. Music muffled by fidelity, but amped with desire.

For this EP, It Sound takes a binary approach. Take your favorite country. Eat a puzzle piece. Air Tosses is your way to connect those things which have not been connected. Enjoy. Listen. Connect. Make it happen. It’s free.

About It Sound
Jesse Damm was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, learned to hold a guitar in Varna, Bulgaria, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Songs and music by Jesse Damm
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY during 2010/2011.

Jesse Damm: dan electro guitar, fender bronco amp, korg drum machine, percussion, found sounds, reverb/fuzz, synths, and vox

Mastered by Weasel Walter
Cover art by Pascal Le Gras

©2011 It Sound/Hard Pop Office Music (ASCAP)

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