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Release Date: October 26, 2010
1st Single: Walking (on a Tall Fence)

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Art by Pascal Le Gras

“The sound of no-trend leading to elsewheresville and the pulse of dance-Jandek crossed with Congratulations. It’s hard pop and experimental bop that beats.”

It Sound occupies a never-before-inhabited space in the musical universe, so perhaps avoiding musical comparisons and keeping things in the abstract is the fairest way to describe the whole vibe.

Like a brontosaurus neck, the debut album aptly titled Hard Pop For Blue Trees is nothing short of a cosmic probe into to the canopy of “hard pop”. It journeys through the celestial bodies of our ancestors and emerges as a modern alchemical blend of nature and machine, a contagious lash of drilling beats and hooky melodies that push the boundaries of pop and christen the notion of “experimental bop”.

The father of this brainchild is Jesse Damm. His pumping heart, beating lungs, Danelectro guitar, Fender Bronco amp, vintage Korg drum machine, sundry percussive elements, and found sounds translated through a Tascam 4-track are the makeup behind the It Sound enigma.

Collaboration is another key dimension that keeps It Sound uniquely positioned in the ether of avant garde music. The production includes cover art by Pascal Le Gras, whose credits include 30+ album covers for The Fall; inner sleeve design by Russell Elbert, sound design by Weasel Walter, photography by the infamous George Seminara of all things Ramones, and a whaling guitar scratch by Rob Vasquez of Nights and Days fame.

Surely this planetary alignment will never occur again. Get ready for an exploratory workshop of foreign sounds so edgy and surreal it will feel like your ears are being born for the first time.

Jesse Damm was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, learned to hold a guitar in Varna, Bulgaria, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Songs and music by Jesse Damm
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY during 2009/2010 on a tascam 4-track tape recorder.

Jesse Damm: dan electro guitar, fender bronco amp, korg drum machine,
percussion, found sounds, reverb/fuzz, no synths, and vox
Rob Vasquez: guitar interlude

Mastered by Weasel Walter
Cover art by Pascal Le Gras
Sleeve art by Russell Elbert
Photography by George Seminara
Art direction by Isabelle Monchatre and Joe Sacaridiz

©2010 It Sound/Hard Pop Office Music (ASCAP)

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