Ne’er Do Evers are…

Chris Buckridge: Vocals, Guitar
Jason Bemis Lawrence: Drums, Percussion
Matt Moon: Vocals, Bass, Treated Sax
Mike Quoma: Guitar, Vocals

Produced by NDE
Engineered by Steve Sallett and Jim Smith
Mixed by Jim Smith with NDE at SaltLands Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Carl Saff, Saff Mastering, Chicago, IL
Art by Doug Chayka.
Photos by Bernie DeChant
Layout by Bernie with Chris Buckridge

100% Wrong

the new album from

Ne’er Do Evers


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About the Ne’er Do Evers

Borne of the pulsating musical scene that is post-millennial Brooklyn, The Ne’er Do Evers have been making their chaotic punk-pop since August of 2003. With a line-up of experienced musicians playing the songs of frontman Chris Buckridge (with more recent contributions from bassist Matt Moon), the Ne’ers are an animated mix-tape of anger, humor and vulnerability, each emotion likely to merge into and/or trample on the others at any moment. The Ne’ers play music that is fifty percent heavy thoughts and fifty percent knee-jerk reactions with a sound best described as full-on in-your-face visceral mooning, a distillation of art, alcohol and attitude—not only intoxicating but mind-numbing in a good way.

100% Wrong is the Ne’er Do Evers’ most recent record. A return to the studio, the first for this line-up, it also marks the entrance of group writing and arranging in the constantly-on-the-move Ne’ers dynamic.

“Chris Buckridge is Brooklyn’s best-kept musical secret. Dreamy pop, spikey rock, demented glee…he does it all–often in the same song. Some say he’s Frank Black’s long-lost kid brother; I say Mr. Black better watch his back.”
—Andrew Hultkrans
Author, “Forever Changes” (33 1/3 series)

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