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Eternal Ice Cream

An EP from

Psychic Tuesday

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About the EP

“Eternal Ice Cream is about surviving one’s own winter…

I think it’s silly that folks take down all the bright, colorful lights just because Christmas is over … So after New Years we’re basically left with no outward, visual signs of hope … Just cold, bleak days with bare trees and dreariness for nearly 3 whole months … If it were up to me, I’d keep the lights and decorations up all the way til the very 1st day of Spring.

I wanted to make some songs that would be like audible Christmas lights to glow and shine out against the darkness and cold, whether the ‘cold season’ is literally happening or it’s a ‘long dark wintery night’ that someone’s going through personally, traveling through a shadowy and seemingly hopeless part of their own Life …

With these songs, I was more or less aiming to turn all the ‘ice’ into ‘ice cream’ … haha ”

note: This EP is intended to be played on a loop

About Psychic Tuesday

Psychic Tuesday is the solo music project of Paul Cordes Wilm (Nowhere SquaresFred & Daily).

The moniker comes from his blog (of the same name), which he’s been faithfully updating (with mixtapes, videos and photography) each and every Tuesday for over 2 years now.

“Psychic Tuesday is a kind of musical toy chest for me to collect all the songs and sound collages and stuff that I do in my bedroom when I’m not singing punk rock with the Squares or making up crazy electronic F&D stuff…

It’s sort of a “place” for me to escape to and hide … Sometimes I can be talkative and social and hang out with people, but then other times I find myself wanting to be like a rabbit in his underground burrow, making stuff in secret until I’m ready to burst back out again and surprise others (& myself) with it … kind of like how I work on my blog every week … and my paintings … I guess I like springing things on people! haha”

brooklyn, new york – – blog