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Burst Apart

a single from the upcoming
Eternal Ice Cream EP by

Psychic Tuesday

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Watch the video, directed by Jonathan Purvis

About Psychic Tuesday

Psychic Tuesday is the solo music project of Paul Cordes Wilm (Nowhere Squares, Fred & Daily).

The moniker comes from his blog (of the same name), which he’s been faithfully updating (with mixtapes, videos and photography) each and every Tuesday for over 2 years now.

“Psychic Tuesday is a kind of musical toy chest for me to collect all the songs and sound collages and stuff that I do in my bedroom when I’m not singing punk rock with the Squares or making up crazy electronic F&D stuff  …

It’s sort of a “place” for me to escape to and hide … Sometimes I can be talkative and social and hang out with people, but then other times I find myself wanting to be like a rabbit in his underground burrow, making stuff in secret until I’m ready to burst back out again and surprise others (& myself) with it … kind of like how I work on my blog every week … and my paintings … I guess I like springing things on people! haha”


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