Leap of Faith

the new album from
the newest End Up artist

Ryan Balthrop

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About the album

Ryan Balthrop draws inspiration from his southern upbringing in Mobile, Alabama, and from his years living and performing in the Virgin Islands. The album spans several genres, and represents Balthrop’s powerful songwriting capabilities. His soulful, sometimes delicate vocals, drive home the themes that intertwine to create an atmosphere of inner reflection and emotion. Still the themes relate to a wide audience, speaking to all of us, who have lost, and continued to love.


“It’s been a long time coming, but one of the Mobile area’s most active entertainers, Ryan Balthrop, has finally released his first solo album. a funny thing happened along the way: A guy generally known for good-time party entertainment dug in to reveal surprising depth, crafting a suite of material that touches repeatedly, and always upliftingly, on themes of maturity and mortality.”
—Lawrence Specker, Mobile Press Register, July 2011

“In addition to familiar rock and blues components, he frequently draws on Caribbean influences he picked up during three years spent living in the U.S. Virgin Islands.That applies not just to Balthrop’s sound but to the philosophical outlook captured in his songwriting as well, on songs such as “Roll Roll Roll.” It’s one of many points on the album where the writer shows his knack for starting with familiar imagery and pulling a newer, deeper thought out of it. Balthrop isn’t one to strive for relentless positivity or to try to put a smiley face on life’s every twist. The general upbeat outlook of his latest record, “Leap of Faith” is more about not getting bogged down in the past.”
—Lawrence Specker, Mobile Press Register, Sept. 2012

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