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End Up Records artists Caithlin De Marrais & Seb Leon give esprit de corps a contemporary twist, teaming up for this live album. Seb & Cait Live at Joe’s is all electricity, generated onstage and crackling over into the studio. This album sketches one intimate evening concert at Joe’s Pub, filling in the picture with ensuing musical collaboration.

Caithlin De Marrais is a torch singer for a novel kind of heartache. With a gift for simplicity, she channels Emily Dickinson, telling truth at a slant. It’s no surprise–Cait used to be lead canary and bassist with the fiercely independent rock band Rainer Maria for over a decade. Her acclaimed solo debut, My Magic City, (“Like a soft slap to the face.”–Pitchfork; “Her magic moment.”–The Boston Globe) was recorded in an old church in Brooklyn. She is currently self-recording her next full length album.

Sebastien Leon Agneessens a.k.a Seb Leon is a New York-based sound artist, designer and curator. He is renowned for his multimedia installations that are commissioned for fashion shows, events and museums, for which he directs sound, video, design and performance concepts. He is currently developing sound installation projects with Brigid Berlin, the Alan Lomax Foundation for Cultural Equity, and the Edith Wharton Foundation. Sebastien is originally from Orleans in France and lived in Spain, England, Italy and South Korea before he reinvented himself, entering through the gate of New Orleans, his first American encounter.

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