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Caithlin De Marrais
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End Up Records artists Caithlin De Marrais & Seb Leon give esprit de corps a contemporary twist, teaming up for this live album. Seb & Cait Live at Joe’s is all electricity, generated onstage and crackling over into the studio. This album sketches one intimate evening concert at Joe’s Pub, filling in the picture with ensuing musical collaboration.

On one evening last June, Seb Leon brought Andrew Vladeck (harmonica) and Kyle Fischer (lap steel guitar) with him to Joe’s, delivering an austere, Flamenco-inspired, darkly acoustic set from his 2009 LP Cranes of Glitter. As subway cars grumbled below their feet, the songs mapped out the broken New York cityscape above.

Caithlin De Marrais made Joe’s into a place “where everything sounds real and present and unaltered, and oh-so-true,” (Ear to Ear Project). With Josh Kaufman on guitar and Jason Lawrence on drums, she smoldered her way through songs from her debut album My Magic City, including an aching, bare bones rendition of “Sparrow.”

In the rapidly growing tradition of End Up collaborations, Seb & Cait assembled other label mates for a studio session and recorded three additional songs: versions of Seb’s epic “Mother Towers” and Cait’s pensive but ultimately uplifting “The Cottage,” and their new “Take Me Away,” which was written and recorded exclusively for the album. “Take Me Away” was even written in the literary tradition of the “exquisite corpse”, with Seb & Cait each composing one line at a time, trading them back and forth across the airwaves. The final product harmonizes these two artists’ visions of New York in true End Up spirit.

—Seb & Cait
New York, April 2010

Special thanks to the musicians: fellow End Up labelmates Lauren Balthrop (Balthrop, Alabama), Andrew Vladeck (Honey Brothers), Konrad Meissner (The Silos, Graham Parker), Jason Lawrence (Balthrop, Alabama), Kyle Fischer and Josh Kaufman (Higgins, Rocketship Park).


Recorded at Joe’s Pub, New York NY
Dubway Studios, New York NY
Strange Weather, Brooklyn NY

Produced by Caithlin De Marrais and Seb Leon
Live sound mixing at Joe’s Pub by Jeff Somoya
Engineered at Dubway Studios by Mike Judeh
Mixed by Daniel Schlett
Engineered and mixed at Strange Weather by Marc Alan Goodman
Mastered by Gene Paul and Rob Vaczy

Cover painting by the Quistrebert Brothers
Photo by Spencer Heyfron

Performed by
Caithlin De Marrais – electric bass, electric guitar, lead and backing vocals
Seb Leon – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead and backing vocals
Lauren Balthrop – backing vocals, rhodes piano
Kyle Fischer – lap steel
Josh Kaufman – electric bass, electric guitar
Jason Lawrence – drums
Konrad Meissner – drums
Andrew Vladeck – harmonica, mouth percussion

©2010 Caithlin De Marrais/My Magic City (ASCAP), Seb Leon/Formavision Music (ASCAP)

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