Seb Leon

About Seb Leon

Seb Leon is a New York-based artist and more generally an active part of the downtown art scene. He is renowned for his multimedia installations that are commissioned by museums and fashion houses, for which he directs sound, video, design and performance concepts. Sebastien is originally from Orleans in France and lived in Spain, England, Italy and South Korea before he reinvented himself, entering through the gate of New Orleans, his first American encounter.

Listen to


Seb & Cait
Live at Joe’s

An intimate evening concert at Joe’s Pub
by Caithlin De Marrais and Seb Leon,
leading to new duets recorded in studio.
Bare bones and powerful.


MMIX Opus 1

The first in a series of cinematic albums
by Seb Leon and Kyle Fischer from their
sound installation work in New York City.

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