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— credits —
Produced, engineered and mixed by Kyle Fischer
Mastered by Gene Paul at DB Plus Mastering, New York
Recorded at Saint Paul Episcopal Church, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

— musicians —
Seb Leon: vocals 1-10; acoustic guitar 1-5, 8-10; electric guitar 6.
Kyle Fischer: lap steel guitar 1,4,5,7,8; acoustic guitar 3; pedal steel 7.
Josh Kaufman: bass 1-6, 9; electric guitar: 2.
Konrad Meissner: drums 1-7, 9.
Andrew Vladeck: banjo 3-9; harmonica 4, 10
Phillip Hermans: lap steel guitar 7.
Jane Srisarakorn: vocals 2.

— artwork —
Photography: Phil Knott
Art direction: Kevin Ley / Sebastien Agneessens / Phil Knott

Cranes of Glitter

the debut LP from

Seb Leon

available February 3rd, 2009 on End Up Records

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About the album

Back in December of last year, I was working on an installation project in New York for French fashion designer Francois Girbaud, whose work and story are largely influenced by rock music. The project required shopping around for a variety of vintage musical instruments (guitar amps, mics, hi-fi systems, drum sets, guitars…) and among my finds was a 1972 Harmony acoustic guitar. Its varnish was cracked in a mesmerizing patina, and I saw in its scars a wealth of stories. It seemed to me like a kind of stray animal, so I adopted it and we slowly got to know each other. As a teenager I had been obsessed with bossa nova guitar, and my fingers remembered all the shapes and subtleties of Brazilian chords. But my Harmony had its own memories and tendencies, and worked a strong influence on my music. Over a few weeks, she taught me to growl, and I taught her to sing.

Two months later, I oversaw installation of a fashion show for Bono’s fashion label Edun. The performance included a site-specific sound installation in a Chelsea church, for which I collaborated with record producer and guitarist Kyle Fischer and poet Saul Williams. Kyle and I bonded, and after the show, he encouraged me to try my hand at music production. We aspired to make an album together, with myself in the role of producer and Kyle as the artist.

When we sat down to begin the process in May, I mentioned to Kyle that I could actually play some guitar and proposed we play together just to feel how things could flow between us as artists. He took his lap steel down from the wall (coincidentally, another old Harmony), and we laid down the first notes of what would become Cranes of Glitter. We immediately loved the sound. And quickly we switched roles – Kyle became the album producer and I the recording artist.

The entire album was written and recorded in the three months that followed. Rawness and immediacy are important in my music. I had things to share about my experience in the city that I couldn’t say through simple words – stories of alienation in a seemingly infinite city, disillusions in our material society, stories of loss and love. Much of the story comes across in the music and its delivery. As in the City, so much can come across in just an instant.

About Seb Leon

Seb Leon is the nom de plume of New York-based curator & creative director Sebastien Agneessens for all of his music projects. Sebastien is an active part of the downtown art scene, overseeing a wide variety of artistic and design projects. He is renowned for his multimedia installations that are commissioned for fashion shows, events and museums, for which he directs sound, video, design and performance concepts. Sebastien is originally from Orleans in France and lived in Spain, England, Italy and South Korea before he reinvented himself, entering through the gate of New Orleans, his first American encounter.

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