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— credits —
Produced and mixed by Kyle Fischer, Seb Leon & Garret Linn
Supported by Sportmax

— musicians —
Kyle Fischer: lap steel, effects
Josh Kaufman: acoustic guitar, electric piano, other instruments
Seb Leon: acoustic guitar
Kevin Ley: piano (with hammer)
Konrad Meissner: percussion

— artwork —
Photography: Phil Knott
Art direction & Speaker Design: Sebastien Leon Agneessens

MMIX Opus 1

Opus 1/3

Kyle Fischer & Seb Leon

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About the album

A numerical play on the year in which the project was created, “MMIX” is a multi-channel sound installation redeploying the concept of the remix to highlight the value of ethno-diversity in a modern world defined by rapid globalization.

MMIX Opus 1 is the introduction record to a series of three, aiming to establish a dialogue between contemporary music and archival field recordings of vanishing cultures from around the globe.

For MMIX, Seb Leon and Kyle Fischer integrated samples from renowned musicologist Alan Lomax (1915-2002) with newly composed tracks created in collaboration with various End Up Records artists such as Caithlin De Marrais and Andrew Vladeck, along with friends Lauren Balthrop, Phillip Hermans, Bob Hoffnar, Kevin Ley, Josh Kaufman and Konrad Meissner.

MMIX was produced with the support of Sportmax and the Association for Cultural Equity.

Sebastien Leon Agneessens, a.k.a. Seb Leon, is a French singer-songwriter, sound installation artist and creative director based in New York. Through his creative studio Formavision, Sebastien oversees a wide variety of art and design projects that are commissioned by museums and fashion houses around the world.

Kyle Fischer is a musician and producer, formerly the guitarist for the acclaimed independent rock band Rainer Maria. He co-founded End Up Records and now studies Tibetan Buddhism, church history, and classical Tibetan language in pursuit of an interfaith Masters of Divinity degree at Union Theological Seminary.

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