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Balthrop, Alabama on NPR’s Song of the Day!

NPR’s Song of the Day features Subway Horns by Balthrop, Alabama.

Check it out!

Jaynova reviews Cowboy Songs

Here’s the follow-up review to Subway Songs’ companion record Cowboy Songs as promised by Jaynova:

Read it here!


Jaynova reviews Subway Songs

A very thorough, song-by-song review of Balthrop, Alabama’s upcoming Subway Songs by friend of the band Jaynova. He promises a review of the companion album, Cowboy Songs, to follow shortly.

Check it out!

End Up, Caithlin De Marrais and Balthrop, Alabama in the Village Voice

Check it out! Our funny guy friend, Ben Westhoff, wrote about End Up, Caithlin De Marrais and Balthrop, Alabama in this week’s Village Voice.

Read all about it >>

It’s great. Just look away when you see the word BoCoCa. Heh.

Balthrop, Alabama featured in CRAWDADDY !

Check it out! Our friend Ben wrote about Balthrop, Alabama for the rock blog CRAWDADDY.

Balthrop, Alabama

Here’s a little taste…

The band Balthrop, Alabama does not hail from Balthrop, Alabama, because such a town does not exist. Its two primary members—siblings Lauren and Pascal Balthrop—grew up in Mobile, but nowadays live about four blocks away from each other in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood.

You can read the rest HERE!

Pitchfork talks up End Up

Read the Pitchfork news article about Kyle’s new record, Black Milk, and Caithlin’s upcoming album, My Magic City.

MyMixTapes reviews Your Big Plans & Our Little Town

“…a well thought-out record, dark on the inside and coated with an indie, yet friendly pop-sensibility.”

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CMJ reviews The Fire

“…the perfect song to cap off that Valentine’s mix tape…”

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