Music for Doug

Hey Sarah–

Here’s that free music I promised you!

Our debut record, the one with Explode on it:

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Your Big Plans & Our Little Town

released June 2007

Download Your Big Plans & Our Little Town »

If you want more…


Subway Songs

A paean to Elliott Smith and 5 other death-rockers
released March 2009

Download Subway Songs »


Cowboy Songs

a small-town love-tragedy and 5 other twangers
released March 2009

Download Cowboy Songs »

God Loves My Country

an ode to war we wrote for our not-so-beloved former president
released June 2008

Download God Loves My Country »

Thanks so much for giving us a listening!


PS. Oh yeah if you want to use any of this in your show please do! We don’t need any moneys. Send us a contract and we’ll sign it.

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