Valentine’s Day Songs 2010

You Want My Heart – Douglas Snead

You Want My Heart
Download ‘You Want My Heart’

Don’t Tell Me A Lie – Georgiana Starlington

Don’t Tell Me a Lie
Download ‘Don’t Tell Me A Lie’

Words We Never Use – Clanton & Babbie cover (Ron Sexsmith)

Words We Never Use
Download ‘Words We Never Use’

Choo Choo – The Bandana Splits

Choo Choo
Download ‘Choo Choo’

Ricky Dee – The Bandana Splits

Ricky Dee
Download ‘Ricky Dee’

What’s This Thing Love – Toxey Goodwater

What’s This Thing Love_
Download ‘What’s This Thing Love’

It Must Be Love – Madness Cover

Madness – It Must Be Love
Download ‘Madness – It Must Be Love’

Practice Takes from 1/31/10

It Must Be Love

It Must be Love (take 3)

Don’t Tell Me A Lie

Don’t Tell Me A Lie (take 6)

Radio Song – Jemison Thorsby

Radio (take 3)

Punctual Winslow – Luverne & Toxey

Punctual Winslow (take 7)

You Want My Heart

You Want My Heart (take 3)

Don’t Tell Me a Lie (video from practice)

Lauren’s Song

Love Will Keep Us Together/Tear Us Apart (video from practice)


Wicked Game (video from practice)

Wicked Game

A Very Balthrop Valentine’s Day (Soundboard recording–big file)

2.14 Balthrop, Alabama edit

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